Protect Users and Applications against unauthorized access

Security when you need it
Protect your users within minutes
Easy Integration

For Business

Intelligent authentication that identifies users in the background, and only launches 2FA when there is risk.

Our redundant and geographically distributed enterprise-grade security platform adheres to and exceeds the latest best practices in security. We apply advanced access control and encryption to all data ensuring military-grade security and the highest level of privacy for your application.

Protect End Users

Alert your end users of compromised credentials and protect their account or sensitive information from brute force, trojan and phishing attacks. Our primary goal is to verify and protect your end users and their sensitive data.

No 2FA Required

99% of the time, your users will never be interrupted, and won't even know our security system is there protecting them. You get the benefits of 2FA with none of the user pain.

  • Easy Integration
  • Simple API
  • 2FA Unlock System
  • Risk based policy enforcement

Are you looking to improve end user security but are concerned about the attrition associated with normal 2FA? Contact us to learn more.

For Users

Finally, risk based authentication that protects your privacy and sensitive information but only interupts you when you need it to.
99% of the time, you don't have to do anything

Our solution monitors your account for strange behaviour and makes sure that it's you, not a hacker. The vast majority of the time, you don't have to do anything and won't even realise we're protecting you.

No App Required

If there is somehting risky going on, our solution can use your registered email or phone number as a way to identity you, so you don't have to worry about downloading an app or generating codes. We also inform the security department of the service you are logging into so they know too.

Know when you are under attack

Our platform will contact you when there is suspicious activity associated with your account, so you know when your credentials are compromised either by bots or malicious insiders.

Lock it down, lock out the attacker

If your credentials do become compromised, we give you the ability to lock out your attacker before they have access with the push of a button.

Ability to securely unlock your account

With most 2FA solutions, if you lose your credentials and lock yourself out of your account, you can't get back in. Our proprietary 2FA unlocker helps you re-establish your credentials securely.

Awesome Support

It's a security platform that also protects our company's private and sensitive data so we offer the best support in the industry for our users.

For Developers

We love developers so we created one of the simplest APIs on the planet without compromising features or ability.
Add security to any application in minutes

We've made it really easy for developers to deploy our security platform! It's a simple four-step process, detailed on the right.

Our API gives you full control over your security implementation and allows you to add extra user security with just a few lines of code.

We have full developer documentation for many of the major web platforms. Please contact us for more details.

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  • Integrate Code

    We provide you with clean, simple reference code that you can insert directly into your application.

  • Test and Finish

    We can help you review your architecture, test your implementation and make sure you are happy and secure before you launch into production.

  • Grow your Service

    Once service is activated clients often find other use cases for Lastwall. From firewalls to ICS environments, our team is here to help you with other ways to use Lastwall.

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Our Team

Check out our awesome team
Karl Holmqvist

Karl is a serial entrepreneur with a keen interest in telco infrastructure and internet security systems. Prior to founding Lastwall, Karl built a telecommunications carrier up in Canada and worked in Dubai as an investor with AGT. Karl also enjoys surfing.

Ian Rutherford

Ian is a software architect able to create products from nothing more than a vision. Prior to joining Lastwall he was the lead software architect at IMSI where he created software for robotic equipment. A published mathematician for "A generalization of the q-binomial theorem", Ian loves Math and Dota.

Thomas Varghese

Thomas is a serial entrepreneur with a proven ability to create global companies that are thought leaders and visionary. Most recently he was responsible for driving Oracle’s Security and IM strategy. Prior to that he was the founder of Bharosa, a global security platform provider which was successfully acquired by Oracle in 2007.

Troy Nelson
Senior Software Developer

Troy is a full stack engineer with a focus on building quality software products designed with security at its core. Prior to Lastwall he was most recently working on reverse engineering proprietary network signalling buses such as SW-CAN, J1708, J1939, and GMLAN. Troy measures distance using parsecs.

Steve Gibson
Strategic Account Advisor

Our night-time ninja, Steve advises on sales strategy and strategic accounts. A security and big data pro, Steve is building channels at Datastax and previously was with the HP Big Data and Analytics group. Prior to that he spent 10 years in the Internet security business with VeriSign. Kiteboarding + Steve = Love at first sight.

Arun Kothanath

With 20+ years in the security field, Arun is our security guru. Arun's focus areas include Identity Management, Fraud Management, Information protection and Risk management, GRC and Mobile security. Prior to Lastwall, Arun has served on various advisory boards, CSO of Bharosa and as CSO for organizations that require strategic advisory services.

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